For centuries, olives have provided mankind with food, been used for medicines and to alleviate symptoms and as an ingredient in care and beauty products. The fruit and the oil of the olive have been venerated in many cultures. Today, 15 million tonnes of olives are harvested a year in Europe alone. The leaves of the olive tree have until now been burned after the harvest on the plantations. Now, a revolutionary process is enabling these leaves to be turned into a 100% sustainable tanning agent for the production of the finest leathers, the protection of health and the environment.

The use of wet-green® technology means that saline and sulphuric acid no longer need to be used in the particularly gentle process of olive leaf tanning. The tanning agent oleuropein is so pure that it is also found in extra virgin olive oil. All of the residual substances that occur can be recycled 100% or can be reused. The waste water from the tanning process is completely cleaned in an entirely organic treatment plant.

No conventional dyes are used in the finishing of olive leathers. Absolutely no dyes are used in the production of one type of BLATTWERK leather so that it can retain its truly natural character. The other BLATTWERK leathers are left in their natural, open-pored state after dyeing and some of them are protected against environmental influences using real beeswax. All versions share one characteristic: a fine olive scent that bears testimony to the origin of these exceptional leathers.

As one of the first tanneries to be accredited in this way, all production at HELLER-LEDER was awarded the ECO2L label for the production of energy-controlled leather and the self-obligation to use superlatively efficient technologies. The result is a 50% saving on CO2 emissions, halving of energy input and a significant reduction of water and chemical consumption. All processes are constantly being developed further in order to make production more effective and even gentler.

In order to pay homage to the highly unusual olive leather, a special label was created in 2012: the BLATTWERK collection. Thanks to our dedication and craftsmanship, we have created the „BLATTWERK original HELLER-LEDER“. Only the finest leathers from our factory are permitted to bear this name. Every product in our BLATTWERK collection is truly unique. We hope that every proud owner of one of these products will enjoy their truly personal piece of nature for many years to come.

HELLER-LEDER has been producing fine leathers for sophisticated home furniture, modern workspaces and fast cars since 1920 at its base in Hehlen an der Weser. HELLER-LEDER is a PORSCHE partner. The company is owned by the fourth generation of its founding family. Some employees have been with the company for over 40 years, some of them representing the third generation of their families. The role of tanner is a vocation. „Quidquid agis, prudenter agas et respice finem - whatever you do, do it wisely and think about the end result“ is the company‘s motto.

In 2010, HELLER-LEDER was the first tannery in the world to receive the Blue Angel for its entire upholstery leather collection and was the first tannery in Europe to achieve GOLD status in the international Leather Working Group. In 2011, HELLER-LEDER was crowned the world‘s best TANNERY OF THE YEAR in recognition of its services to innovation, environmental responsibility, staff management, dedication to society, customer loyalty and economic sustainability. Many further accolades followed.

Natur ist glücklich. Doch in uns begegnen
sich zuviel Kräfte, die sich wirr bestreiten:
wer hat ein Frühjahr innen zu bereiten?
Wer weiss zu scheinen? Wer vermag zu regnen?

Wem geht ein Wind durchs Herz, unwidersprechlich?
Wer fasst in sich der Vogelflüge Raum?
Wer ist zugleich so biegsam und gebrechlich
wie jeder Zweig an einem jeden Baum?

Wer stürzt wie Wasser über seine Neigung
ins unbekannte Glück so rein, so reg?
Und wer nimmt still und ohne Stolz die Steigung
und hält sich oben wie ein Wiesenweg?

Rainer Maria Rilke