HELLER-LEDER obtains appr. 30% of the needed energy out of the thermal use of biogas plants. The residual heat arising during the power generation is forwarded to HELLER-LEDER through power-heat coupling for use. HELLER-LEDER saves thereby appr. 1.000 t CO2 p.a..


HELLER-LEDER is leading in an international comparison regarding the efficient and ressource-sparing handling of energy.  HELLER-LEDER was 2009 on a top rating related to the benchmark energy consumption per sqm ready-made leather.


Under development: HELLER-LEDER evaluates all relevant production process to establish a Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF). The goal is a comprehensive recording of all energy consuming processes, starting with the transport of raw hides and chemicals right up to the packaging of the ready-made goods.