Production waste becomes reusable material. The reuse of accruing waste material requires a high quality satndard for the recording and separation. HELLER-LEDER reuses over 95% of all materials accruing in the production.


Convert hairs to premium organic fertilizer. Composting plants use the filtered hairs for the improvement of the substrate characteristics of their products. HELLER-LEDER has been successful in not destroying the accruing hairs during the liming operation but to ensure a material usage. This makes it easier for the waste water treatment plant, reduces the necessary energy consumption for the waste water cleaning process and the agriculture benefits as well.


Remnants of hides and the collagen therin are made into sausage casings and artificial casings. The accruing splits, necks and bellies are a raw material in demand in the food industry. HELLER-LEDER is an authorized supplier for animal by-products and is subject to the requirements for foodstuffs according to the EU-Guideline 1774/2002 as well as the EU-Hygiene Regulation 853/2004/EG.